The Memoirs of Patrick Kilpatrick Makes its Highly Anticipated Debut.

Dying For Living Vol 1 Dying for A Living Patrick Kilpatrick

A look into the life and times of a Hollywood lead actor, from the salacious, full-spectrum lifestyle, to the ruthless rules of reality.

Patrick Kilpatrick’s new memoirs called DYING FOR LIVING: The Sins and Confessions of a Hollywood Villain and Libertine Patriot, is now available online and nationwide at Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble book stores.

One of the finest screen and television character actors of his generation, Patrick Kilpatrick has played against a spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes including, Tom Cruise, Yun-Fat Chow, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caan, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, Sean Connery, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, to name a few. He even waged war with the largest mammal on earth in Free Willy 3: The Rescue.

“Although elegantly revealed, DYING FOR LIVING rips through social norms without regard to sensibility or political correctness,” Kilpatrick opines. “Plot points include murderous bi-polar assaults by an adulterous mother, privileged education amidst pastoral splendor and American Revolution patriotism. Also tucked in are bi-racial affairs, indiscriminate promiscuity and incendiary politics… not to mention, a near fatal car accident, motorcycle crashes, scribing for nearly every magazine in New York, bodyguarding the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Rod Stewart and more … and a global vision for 21st century America.

After dominating large and small screens for three decades and having appeared in more than 170 hit film and television programs from Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT to PBS as lead actor, producer, screenwriter, director, Movie Black Belt martial arts master and entertainment teacher, his latest role of embedded author is befitting of this action-industry titan. Undoubtedly, with such a wealth of insider intel gained by such an accomplished pinnacle Hollywood resume, Kilpatrick has injected those hysterical and grueling elements into these penetrating memoirs.

“Universally, all great movies and books possess romance, eroticism, war in its many forms, redemption, laughter, pathos, death, tragedy and action,” Kilpatrick continues. “For those of you lusting, salivating, wishing and hoping for unvarnished, inglorious behind-the-scenes intricate and scandalous sagas of Hollywood action, I boldly refer you to my memoirs.”

Maintaining his tireless pace as one of Hollywood’s go-to action villains, Kilpatrick’s work continues with hit action movies, NIGHT WALK, CATALYST, COPS & ROBBERS, as well as a slew of TV, script and producing work.

“I’ll always be seeking authenticity, arresting psychology, hyper cinema innovation in projects I write, star in or produce. My continued goal as an entertainment warrior, is to place the movie flag higher on the artistic mountain, or when appropriate perhaps lower in the mist shrouded elegant trashy valley,” Kilpatrick contends.

Predisposed to the nation’s military warriors – his father was a decorated WWII Underwater Demolition Team hero – Kilpatrick and Boulevard plan on donating a percentage of his book sales to the Disabled Veterans of America (DVA), a 100-year-old organization devoted to servicing disabled warriors. DYING FOR LIVING – Sins & Confession of a Hollywood Villain and Libertine Patriot carries with it a mainline of articulate reverie for America all the while exhibiting the most profane aberrant Tinsel Town craven behavior.

“This is ribald, graphic, lascivious, close to the shattered bone, light the fuse and run reportage that any Hollywood or movie aficionado interested in entitled inorganic brain damaged on & off set indulgence should gulp down,” Kilpatrick quips with a wicked grin.

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