• Eraser Arnold Schwarzenegger & Vanessa Williams


    Arnold SchwarzeneggerVanessa Williams

  • Black Water

    Jean-Claude Van DammeDolph Lundgren

  • Minority Report with Tom Cruise

    Minority Report

    Tom Cruise

  • Under Siege 2

    Steven Seagal

  • Last Man Standing

    Bruce Willis

  • Last Stand at Saber River

    Tom Selleck

  • Death Warrant with Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Death Warrant

    Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • The Quick And the Dead

    Sam Elliot

  • The Replacement Killers

    Yun Fat ChowMira Sorvino

  • The Presidio

    Sean ConneryMark Harmon

  • Chasing Ghosts

    Michael MadsenGary Busey

  • Cops and Robbers

    Michael Jai White

  • Crossfire Trail

    Tom Selleck

  • Already Dead

  • Free Willy 3

  • Never Surrender

    Georges St-PierreBJ Penn

  • Sin Salida

    Danny TrejoHector EchavarriaStella Warren

  • Luck of the Draw (2000)

    Luch of the Draw

    Dennis HopperEric Roberts

  • Insignificance Movie (1985) with Tony Curtis & Gary Busey


    Tony CurtisGary Busey

  • William Malone's Parasomnia Movie


    William Malone’s

  • Assassin X Movie

    Assassin X

  • Chavez Cage of Glory


    Danny Trejo

  • Palmer's Pick-Up (1999)

    Palmer’s Pickup

  • Patrick Kilpatrick as Stone in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

    Remo Williams

  • Stone Pillow Lucille Ball

    Stone Pillow

    Lucille Ball

  • the chemist olivier gruner

    The Chemist

    Oliver Gruner

  • Riot (1996) Sugar Ray Leonard & Gary Daniels


    Sugar Ray Leonard

  • Patrick Kilpatrick in Zombinator

    The Zombinator

  • The Substitute (1996) Tom Berenger

    The Substitute

    Tom Berenger

  • American Violence Charlie Rose

    American Violence

    Denise Richards

  • Game Box 1.0 (2004)

    Gamebox 10

  • The Last Siege

    The Last Siege

    Ernie Hudson

  • Class of 1999 Movie

    Class Of 1999

  • Open Fire (1994) with Jeff Wincott

    Open Fire

    Jeff Wincott

  • Scanners Movie


  • Showdown (1993)


  • The Cellar Movie (1989)

    The Cellar

  • The toxic avenger

    The Toxic Avenger

  • Wedding Day (2012) movie

    Wedding Day

  • 3 ninjas movie

    3 Ninjas