Patrick Kilpatrick Stars in Romantic Tragedy, “NIGHT WALK” Filmed in Morocco

Veteran writer and actor Patrick Kilpatrick is starring in the upcoming film “Night Walk” currently undergoing principal photography in Morocco. According to the film’s director, Aziz Tazi, Night Walk is about ” … an American atheist who is wrongfully imprisoned by corrupt police for the murder of his Arab wife, leading to a quest for justice that turns into a spiritual journey lead by his fellow Muslim inmates.” Kilpatrick plays a ruthless prison guard he describes as “A one legged wounded warrior who is a towering anti-Islamic, drug addicted vessel of hatred.”

Filming takes place in Casablanca and Marrakech standing in for much of the Arab world. Kilpatrick states, “Global issues of religious oppression, particularly of women and socially free democratic thought are everywhere … cultural clashes entwining traditional mores and spiritual fanaticism continue to roil the planet – NIGHT WALK becomes powerfully relevant.”

Commenting on the diverse cast, Kilpatrick says, “It’s an eclectic brain disheveled group – Aziz, the director, is a Muslim obsessed with elevating reform Islam – making us all believe Islam is a positive force. I’m an Islam detractor to the core – same with Catholicism, Taliban, Scientology, whatever, any movement which strays far from the western democratic ideal and I find it fascinating the necessity of people to come together in restrictive mass institutional movements purporting to hold the key to God and our relation to the divine. Sean Stone, who plays Frank, the main character in the film, is a recent convert to Islam. Sarah Alami, who plays Frank’s Muslim love interest, is an American beauty of Arabic and Irish heritage. La Fouine, who plays a Muslim inmate mentoring Frank in jail, is a French rapper from Morocco with an admitted criminal background. It’s an aromatic stew with potential for much love, fury and foolishness.”

Kilpatrick continues, “I’m looking forward to firsthand immersion and observation of Islamic cultural life during filming with my Sons of The American Revolution repulsion for religious cultism, indeed for any system of governance or social structure which does not revere individual freedom and expression. Placing me in Ramadan – even in the most secular of Islamic cultures as Morocco represents – is like placing an Orange Dodge Challenger with a cargo of Double Bubble Blowpops along the rough road to the Lost City of Burp Lii.”

Kilpatrick concludes, “It’s taken two years to drag this production and its originators into semblance of excellence, and I could not be more excited. Morocco has always been a captivating place – for artists, poets, hedonist sensualists, hash lovers and photographers alike. It will be interesting to see how the recent rise of Islamic fundamentalism impacts on the dance of creativity and human interaction.”

NIGHT WALK also stars Eric Roberts and Louis Mandylor. For details and updates on the filming of NIGHT WALK, see:

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